Countryside Saloon is one of Des Plaines’ best-kept secrets. Originally established in 1933, it was once a Prohibition-era speakeasy and gin mill. Today, it is a lively sports bar and grill that offers patrons a chance to see their favorite sports team, participate in a game of ‘bags’ and enjoy a great meal while sipping on one of many craft beers or classic cocktails.

Once called the Countryside Inn, the Bar and Bellini families purchased the establishment 25 years ago, becoming only the second owners. The most recent renovation includes the interior, a year round patio with fireplace, and outdoor seating and game area.

Today, Countryside Saloon is still making a name for itself. Not only can you watch your favorite sporting event on 23 HD TVs but you can enjoy homemade thin crust pizza made from a secret Bellini family recipe handed down for generations. Or, stop by for the Friday Night Fish Fry, a ‘bags’ tournament or plan your own private or corporate event in one of our spacious rooms.

Come check us out today to find out for yourself why people want to keep the secret of Countryside Saloon all to themselves!